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Designing Mobile Payment Experiences
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Title: Designing Mobile Payment Experiences
By: Skip Allums
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Formats: Print, Safari Books Online
Print: August 25, 2014
Pages: 250 (est.)
Print ISBN:978-1-4493-6619-3| ISBN 10:1-4493-6619-8

With mobile devices emerging as new tools for transactions and identification, designers face challenging interactions and user expectations from payment scenarios. Consumers expect mobile payment experiences to be frictionless and familiar, while faithfully protecting their financial data. Falling short on either of these aspects will cause users to drop out, or worse, compromise their financial privacy. To help designers meet these challenges, Designing Mobile Payment Experiences provides a primer on the world of mobile commerce, as well as user experience best practices.

Questions this book answers

  1. What are the UX challenges of building mobile payment experiences?
  2. What are the emerging best practices in mobile payment user experience design?
  3. What are some successful examples of mobile wallet and payment apps from around the world?
  4. How can designers/developers address consumers’ security concerns with mobile payments?
  5. What are the design implications of NFC versus cloud versus closed loop payment scenarios?


Designing Mobile Payment Experiences takes all of the guesswork out of implementing world-class mobile ecommerce experiences. A true masterclass in real-world techniques and pitfalls; a must-read for anybody in the mobile ecommerce space.” — Tommy Wolber at Branding Brand

“The book is relatively short at just 7 chapters and a little over 200 pages but it’s packed with useful information. All in all a useful book. If you are, or are likely to be working with mobile payment with regard to mobile devices and apps then I recommend you buy and read this book.” – Matt Lacey via Windows Apps London

A great overview of mobile payment technologies and best practices, must read for all engaged in mobile payments.” – Amazon review

“The book contains a surprising number of very well done illustrations and some “atmospheric” photos of systems in use. Overall, this is a very-written and highly-informative book. For retail managers, software designers and others interested in the consumer mobile payment experience, this is a very worthwhile read.” – Amazon review




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