Midwest UX 2014

sites Sad to leave the beautiful city of Indianapolis, but had a lovely time there for Midwest UX 2014. It was definitely one of the most thoughtfully organized events I’ve been a part of/attended in recent memory… from the topics/track, the dual venue locations, to the badges that doubled as programs, to the food truck locations. Great conference if you can catch it.

Short on time? Here are the my slides from my talk:

O’Reilly webcast

Many thanks to those who tuned in for my O’Reilly Webcast today: UX Design for Mobile Payment Experiences. It was good to hear from folks from all over the world. Thanks also to Yasmina for hosting!

In case you missed it, you can view or download the slides right here:


Guest spot on UX Podcast

Immensely enjoyed my conversation with Per & James on UX Podcast on the challenges of bringing payment interactions to mobile devices, and speculating on what sort of effect Apple Pay might have on the space.

You can listen to the episode right here or on iTunes, Stitcher, etc: